Communication Committee

Responsible for development of the ESPE communication strategy across all communications to further engagement with members and the wider community.

Communication Committee Remit



Indi Banerjee

(Manchester, UK)

Rade Vukovic

(Belgrade, Serbia)

Hussain Alsaffar

(Muscat, Sultanate of Oman)

Eleni Kotanidou

(Thessaloniki, Greece)

Melek Yildiz

(Istanbul, Turkey)

Chair of Newsletter Editorial Board

Sarah Ehtisham

(Dubai, UAE)

Chair of Clinical Practice Committee

Stefano Cianfarani

(Rome, Italy)

Chair of Education and Training Committee

Rasha Hamza

(Cairo, Egypt)

Processes, Publicity, Awareness & Engagement Officer

Anne-Simone Parent

(Liege, Belgium)

Steering Committees