Rare Disease Advisory Committee Chair and Co-Chair vacancies

New Vacancy Positions: Chair and Co-Chair

Deadline:  31 July 2022

Applications are now invited from ESPE members to join the Rare Disease Advisory Committee (RDAC).  ESPE requires an organised way of tackling rare disease and a centralised, coordinated approach to fostering collaborations with other organisations working in this area. The RDAC was initially initiated for a 2-year period with the purpose of developing a strategy for how ESPE can incorporate rare disease into its activities. The group must now collaboratively (with other ESPE committees) maintain and advise upon all matters and activities relating to rare diseases. The committee will report into ESPE Council.  

There are 2 vacancies available for Chair and Co-Chair, who will have equal standing in the group but one, at least, should be from outside Europe.

The RDAC Chair and Co-Chair will be expected to work collaboratively to develop the RDAC where necessary and also support the recruitment for additional members. This involves:

  • Chairing meetings related to the establishment and ongoing management of the RDAC required (all to take place virtually)
  • defining and agreeing a clear remit for the RDAC
  • supporting the recruitment of members
  • maintaining and advising on ESPE's involvement in rare disease and the plan for its implementation going forward

The Chair and Co-Chair will hold office for an initial term of three years with the possibility to continue for a second term of three years.

If you would like to apply for these positions please send an email outlining your suitability for the vacancy, together with your CV, to the ESPE Team at: espe@eurospe.org by 31 July 2022. The appointment will be made by the ESPE Council, based on the recommendation of the Secretary General.