Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism School

The aims of the Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism School are to provide up-to-date teaching in some selected areas of diabetes, obesity and metabolism and to promote discussions and interactions between young physicians and senior paediatric endocrinologists and to develop future leaders in Paediatric Endocrinology.

ESPE DOM School 2023

The ESPE DOM School will be held from 24th-26th September 2023 at Badhotel Rockanje, on the Dutch coast, immediately after the ESPE Annual Meeting in The Hague. Applications will open soon.


The ESPE DIABETES, OBESITY AND METABOLISM (DOM) SCHOOL was hosted online from 9th-11th May 2021. Please find further details on how the course was conducted and what the outcomes were, in the Online ESPE DOM School 2021 Report

For further details on the content in the school please view the 2021 DOM School programme.


The ESPE DOM School steering committee:

  • Franco Chiarelli, Italy (coordinator)
  • Jacques Beltrand, France   
  • Shlomit Shalitin, Israel
  • Loredana Marcovecchio, UK 
  • Cosimo Giannini, Italy  

The ESPE DOM School is funded by an independent grant from Novo Nordisk

ESPE DOM School 2021 Resources

Delegates of the 2021 Online ESPE DOM School are able to access course resources and information with the login information provided as part of the registration.   



If you are a delegate and do not have the log in information please contact the ESPE Office.

What to expect at an ESPE DOM School

The course includes interactive lectures by experienced ESPE members, with the aim of covering all main topics in diabetes, obesity and metabolism. These lectures will be supplemented by small group sessions to discuss teachers’ cases; and case presentations by the students. The course also includes an introduction into clinical research with presentation by students of research proposals and projects in small groups, and presentation of selected work to the plenum. 

Any queries should be sent to the Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism (DOM) School Steering Committee Coordinator, Professor Francesco Chiarelli

Participants who apply for membership for the year immediately following their attendance at a school are entitled to one year's free ESPE membership. Please note that this does not apply to existing ESPE members.