Meetings and Events

Plenary Lectures, ESPE 2015

Plenary 1: Genetic and environmental determinants of type 1 diabetes, Joint ISPAD–ESPE Session
Marian Rewers (Denver, USA)

Plenary 2: New advances in monogenetic diabetes, Joint ISPAD–ESPE Session
Andrew Hattersley (Exeter, UK)

Plenary 3: New advances in human evolution from the analysis of ancient genomes
Carles Lalueza–Fox (Barcelona, Spain)

Plenary 4: Genomic diversity in present day humans: evolutionary aspects
Alan Templeton (St Louis, USA)

Plenary 5: Otogeny of FGF21 in the human: implications for metabolic health
Francesc Villarroya (Barcelona, Spain)

Plenary 6: The complex relationship between the GH/IGF axis and ageing and longevity –the interface with diet and mitochondrial peptides
Pinchas Cohen (Los Angeles, USA)