08 Jan 2021

ESPE is pleased to be conducting a project to translate its patient information booklets into other languages and requests the help of members.

All of our patient information booklets were reviewed and updated in 2019 by the ESPE Clinical Practice Committee and are currently available in English, in two readability levels. They have proven to be a useful resource for clinicians to share with their patients. To enable the booklets to be used by as many patients, parents and carers as possible, the ESPE Communication Committee is leading a project to translate the booklets and is requesting the assistance of ESPE members.

How to get involved

If you would like to translate ESPE’s patient information into your language, to provide this information to patients in your country or region, please submit your request to using this translation request form. The translation project manager Dr Hussain Alsaffar will then contact you to clarify the process.

Translated documents will need to be reviewed and approved by your local paediatric endocrine society, using this translation approval form.

Having analysed data from the ESPE membership and delegate base, we have identified the following five languages as our highest priorities, but we welcome translation into other languages as well:

1. French 
2. Arabic - translation under way
3. German 
4. Dutch 
5. Spanish

ESPE will retain ownership of the translated booklets for consistency, but the local society will be acknowledged for the translation and the booklets may be displayed on regional websites.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this important project.


Translation request form

Translation approval form


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Issue 56 Summer 2022 - ESPE 2022 and Insights into Neuroendocrinology

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