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This site has been designed with accessibility in mind. It uses cascading style sheets and a table-less design to support a high degree of flexibility. The options below describe some of the additional features.

Increasing the text size

The text content of this site can be altered using the browser's interface (for example, in Internet Explorer, select View > Text Size from the menu options and select the size you want). However, to make things more convenient there is an "increase text size" option at the top of this page. The option is also available below:-

What do I do if my browser does not support Javascript or Cookies?

Low graphics version

There is a low graphics version of this site available. This version removes most of the formatting and displays the site in a very basic form. This should make it easy for screen readers and mobile devices to view the content easily. Use the option at the top of the page or select the low or high graphics option from the list below:-

What do I do if my browser does not support Javascript or Cookies?

Access Keys

Some of the features of this site can invoked using access keys. The access keys that are available on this site are listed below:-

  • i = Increase text size
  • d = decrease text size
  • z = return to the ESPE home page

To use the access keys with Windows, you can press ALT + the access key; on Macintosh, you can press Control + the access key. Depending on your browser the access key will either focus on the link (e.g. Internet Explorer) or directly activate the access key function (e.g. Mozilla based browsers).

No Javascript or Cookies?

If your browser does not support javscript or cookies, then some of the features of this site that change the layout might not work. In this case you will need to use your browser's settings to increase the font size and turn off stylesheets in order to view a lower graphics version of the site.