Science Committee

Responsible for enquiries relating to scientific matters including requests for scientific collaboration, scientific networking, support of projects, lobbying and funding.

Science Committee Remit



Martine Cools

(Ghent, Belgium)

Deputy Chair, Visiting Professorship Convenor

Evelien Gevers

(London, UK)

Science Symposium Deputy Convenor

Martin Wabitsch

(Ulm, Germany)

Research Unit Convenor

Maria Street

(Emilia-Romagna, Italy)

Early Career Scientific Development Grant Convenor

Marek Niedziela

(Poznan, Poland)

Research Fellowship Convenor

Katharina Main

(Copenhagen, Denmark)

Expert Panel:

The Expert Panel review and assess applications for the grants and activities within the remit of the Science Committee.

  • Aneta Gawlik
  • Anne-Simone Parent
  • Artur Mazur
  • Ashwini Mallappa
  • Christa Flück
  • Claire Hughes
  • Claudio Maffeis
  • Cristina Azcona
  • Diane Rottembourg
  • Faisal Ahmed
  • Gary Butler
  • Gianni Russo
  • Hanneke van Santen
  • Helen Spoudeas
  • Jan Lebl
  • Jorma Toppari
  • Juliane Léger
  • Ken McElreavy
  • Lars Sävendahl
  • Luisa De Sanctis
  • Maité Tauber
  • Nicolas de Roux
  • Oliver Blankenstein
  • Olle Söder
  • Paul-Martin Holterhus
  • Pratik Shah
  • Stefan Wudy
  • Tulay Guran