ESPE Working Group on Bone and Growth Plate

The Bone and Growth Plate Working Group brings together clinical and basic scientists, as well as physicians actively involved in studies of paediatric bone, mineral and growth plate disorders. Key aims include the nurturing and development of future generations of researchers to improve the understanding and clinical management of bone disorders.

The Bone & Growth Plate Working Group aims to reach out to the wider community of bone specialists within ESPE by:

  • Continuing to provide a dedicated forum for updates on basic and clinical research into paediatric bone disorders within the ESPE framework.
  • Setting up collaborative research projects across centres and encourage submission of findings to the annual ESPE meetings.
  • Establishing the working group as a forum for expert opinion on matters pertaining to paediatric conditions affecting bone health throughout Europe – through advocacy, commentary or recommendations.

We encourage people interested in joining this group or proposing collaborative research projects to contact the Coordinator Ciara McDonnell at ciara.mcdonnell@gmail.com


Programme for the Annual Meeting Symposium in Vienna

The Annual Meeting Symposium for the Bone and Growth Plate Working Group (BGP) Working Group will take place on Thursday 19 September 2019 at 08:00-10:00 in Vienna, Austria.  

Programme for the 2019 Annual Meeting Symposium


Report on activities from 2018

Business meeting minutes :  22 Attendees, 2 apologies 

  1. Review of the programme

- Full by end of meeting.  Early start. 

- Good cases and speakers.

- Consensus – to continue current format

- Could combine the ERN updates and shorten them slightly.

- To consider more topics related to calcium/phosphate physiology and skeletal dysplasias.

  1. Working group strategy

- The business group agreed with the strategy presented in the 2018 Working groups strategy report. 

  1. Proposed objectives 2018-2020

- consists of experts in the area of Bone & Growth Plate working group.  The group are well positioned to provide tutors for the summer and winter schools.  Could also advise on useful suggestions on speakers for the main conference schedule. 

- to develop the WG page within the ESPE website to enable e-learning, advertise posts from member laboratories and clinical groups due to the rare nature of the topics.  Could also advertise courses and study days.

- to encourage members via the annual meeting and website to bring clinical research questions to the group, to promote issues of academic interest and to encourage applications from group members for the ESPE grant programme.

- to encourage membership of the Bone & Growth plate working group through registration on the website to sign up for a newsletter or conference update or other communications.

  1. Programme organizing committee 2018-2020

- proposed to have a consistent steering committed for the annual meeting for three years rather than changing each year to enable planning and ability to streamline ideas across a term of office.

- Members of the steering committee agreed by consensus at the business meeting.

  1. Interaction with other bone interest groups

- could use the website to link or provide information on individual European bone interest groups and to inform international colleagues on European activities and organisations.

Review of current research projects relevant to the group

- XLH registry

- EuReCa

- Connect for children initiative

  1. Any other business.

- suggested that the Bone & GP working group would seek involvement in European activities e.g. to apply for stakeholder status in BOND who intend to invite society/patient groups/regulators and commissioners to advise on their processes.

- structure & guidelines of relevant ERN’s are only representing clinical guidelines from particular hospitals.  The group propose to explore whether guidelines could be supported/ reviewed by this group. 

Planned activities for 2018-2019

  • Working Group Session at 57th Annual ESPE Meeting in Athens, Greece - 27-29 September 2018.
  • To establish a formal communication link between the Working Group and the two relevant ERN’s related to our area of special interest i.e. EndoERN and BOND.
  • To establish a working relationship with the newly formed PES special interest group in bone metabolism.
  • To develop the Working Group web page so our activities are visible and transparent.
  • To encourage training in this specialist area through the development of fellowships or training opportunities between Working Group members.
  • To establish a committee to assess areas of interest to develop as research projects for the Working Group
  • To encourage the submission of existing guidelines in the care of paediatric bone health conditions for review and publication on our website.

For further information on the activities of this Working Group please contact the Coordinator Ciara McDonnell at ciara.mcdonnell@gmail.com

Working Group Members 


Ciara McDonnell


Wolfgang Högler


Annemieke Boot

(The Netherlands)

Ola Nilsson


Gabriele Häusler


Jeremy Allgrove


Nick Shaw


Nick Bishop


Outi Mäkitie


Oliver Semler


Serap Turan


Eckhard Schönau


Heike–Katharina Hoyer–Kuhn


Jean-Pierre Salles


Dirk Schnabel


Dov Tiosano


Agnes Linglart


Raja Padidela


Signe Beck–Nielsen


Adalbert Raimann


Artemis Doulgeraki


Lars Sävendahl


Zulf Mughal


Christine Burren


Moira Cheung


Abdullah Bereket


Agneisz Kachurzok


Andrea Superti-Furga


Aris Siafarikas


Caroline Silve


Christine Hofmann


Dieter Haffner


Dionsios Chrysis


Edyta Kryskiewicz


Eva Astrom


Eva Horemuzova


Faisal Ahmed


Franco Antoniazzi


Gabriel Martos


Giampiero Baroncelli