ESPE Working Group on Diabetes Technology

The aim of this working group is to discuss the front line in diabetes technology and its relevance to the everyday clinical activities of paediatric endocrinologists. 

Treating patients with type 1 diabetes is one of the most challenging tasks for diabetologists throughout the world. The growing use of technology for the treatment of patients has brought about the need to update patients, caregivers and healthcare professional with the newest developments in the field.

Programme for the Annual Meeting Symposium in Vienna

The Annual Meeting Symposium for the Diabetes Technology Working Group will take place on Thursday 19 September 2019 at 08:00-10:00, in Vienna, Austria.  

Programme for the 2019 Annual Meeting Symposium


Report on activities from 2018

The theme of the 2018 meeting was as in the former year, on DIGITAL CLINICS, as this is the "hottest" field in treating people with diabetes.

Moshe Phillip (Israel) gave a short introduction on the advancements of digital means and measures for the treatment of diabetes and introduced Tadej Battelino (Slovenia) to give a description of how diabetes is being treated in both centers of Slovenia and Israel where a great deal of emphasis is being given to the advancement of technology in treating patients with Diabetes. Tadej Battelino elaborated on the use of technologies such as such as CGM, smart pumps and glucometers and other apps and software that help to provide better care of patients with diabetes. His talk was followed by one of Olga Kordonouri (Germany) who described the use of apps in physical activities in type 1 diabetes. Revital Nimri (Israel) talked on analyzing and reporting of sensor glucose level, as CGM use has a positive impact on diabetes control Thus, efforts should be made to encourage its daily use for all patients with type 1 diabetes, and its glucose metrics as endpoints in clinical trials.

Another mean of technology that assist patients with diabetes is the use of social media such as Facebook, a description of which was given by Dr. Goran Petrovski (Macedonia).

Prof. Moshe Phillip (Israel) elaborated on the decision support systems. With the increased number of patients with diabetes on one hand and the shortage of professional teams of health care providers (HCP) worldwide on the other hand, new ways of providing medical care to patients with diabetes are needed. Decision Support Systems (DSS) and emerging tools are developed in order to help HCP during patients' office visits and to help patients navigate their own metabolic control between office visits. Recently, tools of DSS have been tested in clinical studies and got European regulatory approval (CE) as well as USA (FDA) approval. More DSS are in development for patients with diabetes.

We believe that technology is the future of the treatment of diabetes and many studies are being carried out in this direction.

Planned activities for 2018-2019 

  • Working Group Session at 58th Annual ESPE Meeting in Vienna, Austria- 19-21 September 2019.
  • To focus on digital clinics
  • To encourage the use of newly developed technologies to be used in between visits to clinics

For further information on the activities of this Working Group please contact the Coordinator Moshe Phillip at mosheph@post.tau.ac.il

Working Group Members


Moshe Phillip


Tadej Battelino


Carine de Beaufort


Michel Polak


Nadia Tubiana Rufi


Revital Nimri


Ragnar Hanas