ESPE Working Group for Paediatric Endocrine Nurses

The aim of the Paediatric Endocrine Nurses Working Group is to foster leadership and an ongoing tradition of excellence in European paediatric endocrine nursing care.  
  • Promote coordinated inter-professional care for patients and families with endocrine conditions.
  • Provide continuing education and professional development in paediatric endocrinology for nursing and allied health professions.
  • Collaborate internationally with the American and Canadian Paediatric Endocrine Nursing societies (PENS/CPENS) to promote excellence in nursing education, practice and research placing the patient and family at the centre of holistic endocrine care.
  • To employ evidence based approaches for developing, implementing and sharing best practices for paediatric endocrine nursing
  • Develop tools and materials supporting paediataric endocrine nursing that can be disseminated internationally.

For further information on the activities of this Working Group please contact Christine Derycke at derycke.christine@skynet.be


Christine Derycke


Vice coordinator

Andrew Dwyer



Kate Davies


Christine Davies


Amanda Whitehead


Christine Desmond


Paul Carruthers


Clare Simpson


Clare Gilbert


Nicole Kirouac