About the Society

About the Society: Introduction

The European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology (ESPE) is a truly international organisation aiming to improve the clinical care of children and adolescents with endocrine conditions, including diabetes, through research and education.

Paediatric endocrinology is a specialty of children's medicine (paediatrics) caring for babies, children and adolescents with growth, puberty, sexual development problems and other disorders of the hormone producing glands of the body. These include diabetes, thyroid and adrenal gland problems, early and late puberty, and growth hormone deficiency.

The Society is governed by a Council and seven Council Committees. Please see the organogram below.

ESPE Councils and Committees organogram

The ESPE Senior Operating Officer (ESPE SOO) provides strategic support across all ESPE activities to help drive the programmes of the Society under the direction of Council and working with the Communications Committee directly to ensure ongoing communication between committees.

CC – Communication Committee
CLB – Corporate Liaison Board
CPC – Clinical Practice Committee
ETC – Education & Training Committee
POC – Programme Organising Committee
SC – Science Committee
SFC – Strategy & Finance Committee
ESPE SOO – ESPE Senior Operating Officer

Since being founded in 1962, when the first annual scientific meeting was held in Zurich, the Society has increased in both size and scope, becoming one of the largest and well regarded international scientific communities of paediatric endocrinologists. Now with over 1,200 members from over 91 countries, ESPE is dedicated to serving its members, welcoming and supporting colleagues and young paediatric endocrinologists from around the world. In addition the Society strives to serve the international scientific community, as well as establishing close relationships with other Scientific Societies.

The ESPE annual scientific meeting, which is held in different European cities and countries, is recognised worldwide as a meeting of high scientific and educational quality. Although currently attended by more than 3,500 delegates, it is still known for the traditional ESPE values of friendship, collaboration and congeniality.

The Society is dedicated to serving its members and the international scientific community. It is also actively involved in promoting the interests of the general public and in advising on European health policy in the area of paediatric endocrinology.

Please see our Mission Statement for more information about our vision and strategy as a Society.

Peter Clayton
Secretary General, ESPE


"The European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology (ESPE) is an international organisation with over one thousand members from over 85 countries."
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"ESPE has been officially designated by the European Commission as the body responsible for organising and monitoring training in paediatric endocrinology."
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"The ESPE annual scientific meeting... is currently attended by more than 3,500 delegates"
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The European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee, registered in England & Wales, company number 5766541.

The European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology was registered with the Charity Commission on 28th January 2008, charity registration number 1122484.