Treating patients with type 1 diabetes is one of the most challenging tasks for diabetologists throughout the world. The growing use of technology for the treatment of patients has brought about the need to update patients, caregivers and healthcare professional with the newest developments in the field.

Report on activities from 2019

The Annual Meeting Symposium for the Diabetes Technology Working Group took place on Thursday 19 September 2019 at 08:00-10:00, in Vienna, Austria.  

Programme for the 2019 Annual Meeting Symposium

The theme of the meeting what was held on September 19, 2019 was: Diabetes and Brain. Both high blood glucose of uncontrolled diabetes and low blood glucose that sometimes comes with diabetes treatment can affect the brain.

Prof. Moshe Phillip started the meeting with an introduction followed by other 6 speakers with the following topics:

Impact of hypoglycemia on cognitive function, Jacques Beltrand (Paris, France)

Impact of hyperglycemia on cognitive function, Jasna Šuput Omladič (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Type 2 diabetes and the brain, Urakami Tatsuhiko (Tokyo, Japan)

Fear of hyperglycemiaMichal Nevo (Petah Tikva, Israel)

Time in Range (TIR) - Highlights from the consensus meeting February 2019Tadej Battelino (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

How technology helps to improve TIR (open and closed loop), Boris Kovatchev (Virginia, USA)

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