Science Committee Chair

General Council Responsibilities:

  • Council Meetings
    • Attendance at four Council meetings per year; two face-to-face and two via teleconference.
    • Prepare a brief report prior to each Council meeting detailing the progress made with any outstanding role-specific projects.
    • Prepare brief slides to present at each Council meeting detailing key questions and decisions for Council.
  • Email communication
    • Participate in Council discussions via email on key matters relating to Council and ESPE business.
    • Respond to Council emails in a timely fashion.
  • Workload
    • Take responsibility for role-specific responsibilities as outlined below and ensure that agreed actions are carried out within the expected timeframe.
  • Director and Trustee of ESPE
    • Be registered as a Director of the registered company and Trustee of the charity.
    • All Council members have a responsibility to ensure that the ESPE is managed legally and to best practice and to ensure that it does not enter into any financial obligations that it does not have funds to meet.
  • Conflicts of interest
    • Provide details to the ESPE Team of any conflicts of interest that may be relevant to their role as Council member. These will be added to the Declaration of Interests Register held with the ESPE Team.
    • Sign a declaration confirming that they are eligible to serve as a Trustee under UK Charity Law.
    • All Council members have equal responsibilities in law to act honestly, fairly, in good faith and in the interests of ESPE. No Council member may put the interests of another organisation, or of a subset of members, before the general good of ESPE.
    • Council members are not permitted to participate in industry-run satellite symposia that take place during the official ESPE Annual Meeting.
    • Council members are not permitted to accept payment of travel, accommodation and registration fees for the official ESPE Annual Meeting from the pharmaceutical industry.

Role-specific Responsibilities:

  • Chair the ESPE Science Committee (SC)
    • Preside over the committee and convene meetings four times per year (at least one face-to-face at the Annual Meeting).
    • Ensure agendas and minutes accurately reflect priorities and proceedings (written by ESPE Team).
    • Lead on the development and delivery of ESPE’s science strategy to promote excellence in paediatric endocrinology research in line with the committee remit
    • Ensure effective functioning of the SC across activities
    • Ensure integration and alignment of ESPE’s science activities to fulfil the needs and interests of paediatric endocrinologists at all levels and promote scientific collaboration
    • Ensure alignment of science activities with ESPE’s overall strategy
    • Monitor the success of each activity, in line with objectives, budgets and timelines
    • Ensure effective dissemination of SC activities
  • ESPE website – shared responsibility with ESPE Team
    • Ensure the ESPE website is updated with the latest SC activity
  • Undertake such additional duties as may, from time to time, be requested by the Secretary-General or Council.

Administrative support (ESPE Team):

  • preparing agendas of committee meetings
  • taking and circulating minutes
  • making logistic arrangements for committee meetings
  • updating website

Travel expenses and associated costs for attendance at ESPE Council and Committee meetings will be paid by ESPE.

For details on how to apply, see the Council vacancies call for nominations.