Strategic and Finance Committee Chair

General Council Responsibilities:

  • Council Meetings
    • Attendance at four Council meetings per year; two face to face and two via teleconference.
    • Prepare a report to present at each Council meeting detailing the progress made with any outstanding role-specific projects.
  • Email communication
    • Participate in Council discussions via email on key matters relating to Council and ESPE business.
    • Respond to Council emails in a timely fashion.
  • Workload
    • Take responsibility for role-specific responsibilities as outlined above and ensure that agreed actions are carried out within the expected timeframe.
  • Director and Trustee of ESPE
    • Be registered as a Director of the registered company and Trustee of the charity.
    • All Council members have a responsibility to ensure that ESPE is managed legally and to best practice and to ensure that it does not enter into any financial obligations that it does not have funds to meet.
  • Conflicts of interest
    • Provide details to the ESPE Team of any conflicts of interest that may be relevant to their role as Council member. These will be added to the Declaration of Interests Register.
    • All Council members have equal responsibilities in law to act honestly, fairly, in good faith and in the interests of ESPE. No Council member may put the interests of another organisation, or of a subset of members, before the general good of ESPE.
    • Council members are not permitted to participate in industry-run satellite symposia that take place during the official ESPE Annual Meeting.
    • Council members are not permitted to accept payment of travel, accommodation and registration fees for the official ESPE Annual Meeting from the pharmaceutical industry.

Role-specific information:


Professional medical associations such as ESPE play an important and essential role in improving health care, developing quality indicators and setting standards. The role of the Chair of the SFC (Treasurer) is pivotal to the strategic development of the Society and is responsible for overseeing the financial management of the organisation to ensure that ESPE remains a leading paediatric endocrine society, advancing the field and benefiting child and adolescent health throughout the world.

The mandate of the SFC:

To discuss, consider and develop the strategic direction of ESPE and the financial matters of the organisation. Continuously managing and monitoring ESPE’s finances and reporting back to Council regarding all financial matters and strategy decisions.

The remit of the SFC:

  • To advise ESPE Council on financial strategy.
  • To receive and review overall annual budgets, highlighting issues and make recommendations to the ESPE Council.
  • To receive and review major committee project budgets, highlighting issues and make recommendations to the ESPE Council.
  • To review new projects and programs, and expansions to existing programs, which have a financial impact and make recommendations to the ESPE Council.
  • To review, usually via the Treasurer, the annual financial statement.
  • To review the Reserves Policy annually and make recommendations to the ESPE Council.
  • To monitor cash balances and the transfer of surplus funds to the relevant bank accounts.
  • To monitor the performance of the auditors and to carry out a tender process approximately every five years.  Make recommendations to the ESPE Council.

The duties of the SFC Chair:

There are six broad categories for within which the financial responsibilities of the Chair of the SFC sit:

  • General financial oversight
  • Funding, fundraising and sales
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Financial reporting
  • Banking, book-keeping and record keeping
  • Control of fixed assets and stock

Within this, the key responsibilities are:

  1. Leading strategic and financial matters for the Society, including;
    • Working with the SFC to develop the Society’s strategy for discussion and ratification by Council.
    • Maintaining a strategic overview of ESPE’s financial requirements and situation and reporting back to Council.
    • Ensuring ESPE’s activities keep pace with its financial situation.
    • Ensuring adherence to legal requirements and to best practice.
    • Looking forward to anticipate financial opportunities and risks and reporting on these to Council.
  1. Chairing the SFC of ESPE, including:
    • Chairing meetings of the SFC.
    • Ensuring agendas accurately reflect the issues and priorities facing ESPE at any time.
    • Maintaining the wider view of ESPE’s activities and aims.
    • Reporting to Council on the discussions and decisions of the SFC.
  1. Managing ESPE’s financial planning, including:
    • Preparing annual budgets for approval by the Committee chairs, the SFC and ratification by Council.
    • Monitoring the overall spend of ESPE’s activities against budget.
  1. Overseeing ESPE’s banking and accounting, including;
    • Managing the bank accounts of the Society, ensuring ESPE’s financial security.
    • Overseeing the book-keeping of ESPE.
    • Overseeing the preparation of the annual accounts in a timely manner, in liaison with the auditors and others as required, and presenting these first to the SFC and then to Council for approval.
    • Reporting to the members at each ABM on the financial results and future prospects.

Important criteria for post

  • Experience of the Society’s management i.e through previous Committee membership
  • Knowledge of managing large budgets
  • A sound understanding of investments and management accounts
  • Previous experience of chairing a committee
  • Financial administration support is essential for this role. ESPE will provide funding of approximately €25,000 per annum to support this financial administration.

Travel expenses and associated costs for attendance at ESPE Council and Committee meetings will be paid by ESPE.

For details on how to apply, see the Council vacancies call for nominations.