Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism School Steering Committee Coordinator

Deadline: 31 December 2018

We are seeking applications from ESPE members for the position of Coordinator of the ESPE Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism (DOM) School Steering Committee. The vacancy has arisen due to current coordinator, Moshe Phillip, completing his second term of office. The three-year appointment will start in January 2019.

Applicants should be a current or past member of the DOM School Steering Committee. The main task of the Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism School Steering Committee is to develop the programme for the School and participate in the evaluation of applicants.

The Coordinator will have overall responsibility for the output of the Steering Committee, chairing the annual face-to-face meeting which takes place during the School and liaising with the local organiser, participants, faculty, DOM School Committee, Bioscientifica and ESPE Council. The role is also responsible for providing content for the ESPE website and the ESPE Newsletter, writing a yearly report and presenting an oral report at the annual ESPE meeting.

The appointment will be made by the ESPE Council following recommendation by the Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism School Steering Committee.

If you are interested in applying for this post, please send an electronic copy of your CV and a covering letter to the ESPE Team at: espe@eurospe.org by 31 December 2018.