Education & Training Committee Vacancy Position: Webinar convenor

Deadline: 5 July 2021

We invite our members to apply for the position of ESPE Connect Webinar Series Convenor. The position will be a member of the Education & Training Committee.  This is a new role created to run an important new initiative with ESPE, with support from an Assistant Convenor.  The term is for 1 year initially with an option to extend a further 2 years depending on the success of the programme.  The 1 year appointment will start by September 2021.

The ESPE Connect Webinar series is a new initiative which aims to cover all main topics in paediatric endocrinology and diabetes during the course of the editorial calendar.  Initially the webinars will take place every other month, but they could run more often depending on the success and demand. The agreed aims of the webinar series are:

  • To provide quality current/topical content or education for the benefit of audiences that is complimentary of other content produced.
  • To continue engagement with our audiences in the absence of physical meetings and to keep up engagement year-round, beyond our meetings.
  • To establish a presence in the virtual space ahead of ESPE Live.
  • To help the Corporate Relations Manager to generate profit via sponsorship to try and offset the reliance on the Annual Meeting.
  • Brand extension and reaching a wider audience.

The convenor should have a wide knowledge of paediatric endocrinology in general and detailed knowledge in more than one specific area. Convenors could ideally be a past members of the Education and Training Committee (ETC), and previous members of other ESPE committees will also be considered favourably, however other suitable candidates will also be considered.  In addition, the convenor should be an ESPE member in good standing. It is preferable to have experience in organising webinars and/or educational activities.

The tasks of the ESPE Connect Convenor (with the support of the Assistant Convenor) are:

  • Leading the taskforce to deliver the ESPE connect webinar project. This task force consists of: convenor, assistant convenor, Program Organising Committee representative, event manager and Corporate Relation Manager.
  • Working across the ESPE Committees to develop a programme of content to be delivered via the webinars. They will need to identify topics, potential speakers and chairs for each webinar and oversee the organisation of the webinars in collaboration with the Event Manager.
  • Working with the Corporate Relations Manager with regards to potential sponsors.
  • Reporting to ETC and attending ETC meetings.

As an executive member of the Education and Training Committee, the successful candidate will be expected to:

  • Attend quarterly meetings (two face-to-face and two by teleconference each year*)
  • Contribute to ongoing discussions via email throughout the year within the remit of the Education and Training Committee.

*Subject to travel restrictions

If you are interested in applying for this post, please send an electronic copy of your CV and a covering letter to the ESPE Team at: espe@eurospe.org by 5 July 2021.

The appointment will be made by the ESPE Council following recommendation by the Education & Training Committee.

All applicants should read the ESPE Committee Guidelines before applying.