Science Committee Processes, Publicity, Awareness & Engagement Officer vacancy

Deadline: 1 March 2021

The ESPE Science Committee is recruiting a Processes, Publicity, Awareness & Engagement Officer to support the committee in all aspects of these areas. This role was previously undertaken by the now Chair of the Science Committee, Martine Cools.

The officer will support the committee by promoting the Science Committee activities and grant opportunities to the wider ESPE community, by communicating with the Expert Panel of reviewers, and by attending ESPE Communications Committee meetings as the Science Committee representative.

The ESPE Science Committee was established in 2015 to address the following remit:

  1. To facilitate collaborative scientific activity of ESPE members
  2. To increase the participation of the wider ESPE membership in scientific activities
  3. To optimise the opportunities that are available for scientific development of ESPE members at all stages of their professional career.

As an executive member of the Science Committee, the successful candidate will be expected to:

  • Attend quarterly meetings (two face-to-face and two by teleconference each year*)
  • Participate in decisions with regard to allocation of grants
  • Contribute to ongoing discussions via email throughout the year within the remit of the Science Committee

The Processes, Publicity, Awareness & Engagement Officer will hold office for an initial term of three years with the possibility to continue for a second term of three years.

For more information on this vacancy, please contact Martine Cools, Science Committee Chair (Martine.Cools@uzgent.be)

To apply for this post, please send an email outlining your suitability for the vacancy, together with your CV, to the ESPE team at: espe@eurospe.org by 1st March 2021. 

The appointment will be made by the ESPE Council following recommendation by the Communication Committee.

All applicants should read the ESPE Committee Guidelines before applying.