ESPE consensus and guideline documents are developed using explicit methodology based on three core principles:

  • Development is carried out by multidisciplinary, nationally representative groups
  • A systematic review is conducted to identify and critically appraise the evidence
  • Recommendations are explicitly linked to the supporting evidence


  • Consensus meeting and guideline proposals must be approved preliminarily by the CPC and definitively by the ESPE Council.
  • All ESPE endorsed consensus meetings and guidelines should have a member of the CPC involved in the process of producing the consensus/guidelines from conception to completion.
  • The CPC and the ESPE Council maintain the right to suggest additional experts that may be included in the consensus meeting or guideline development process.
  • Financial support from other funding organisations must be sought and obtained prior to application. Additional cost incurred above the meeting budget will not be covered by ESPE.
  • Meaningful progress must be made and reported every 6 months from the initiation of the guidelines; if not, there should be a need to reapply for ESPE endorsement.
  • Lead authors must submit the progress report form every six months.
  • Guidelines should be made available to ESPE members by publishing in an open access journal or in Hormone Research in Paediatrics
  • All participants must declare any conflicts of interest prior to and at the start of the process/meeting
  • It is expected that consensus guidelines should be completed and submitted for publication within 12-18 months following the initiation of the process