Maghreb School

The Maghreb School aims to promote the training and education of paediatric endocrinologists in French–speaking North African countries. For five days, an international faculty of French-speaking teachers and 25 students cover selected topics in paediatric endocrinology and diabetes. The seminar features interactive lectures by the teachers, student case presentations, research project workshops and small-group meetings. The School is designed for doctors in training who have at least 3 years of experience in paediatrics; six months or more of experience in endocrinology; and who hope to develop a career with a major interest in paediatric endocrinology. 

The Maghreb School is supported by an educational grant from Novo Nordisk Health Care AG, Switzerland.

Report on the Maghreb School 2022

The most recent ESPE Maghreb School was held as a hybrid online/face-to-to-face school with local physical meetings taking place in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco from 30th May - 1st June. The 2022 ESPE Maghreb School returned in a mix format, with the students being in a face-to-face meeting with local faculty in each of the Maghreb countries and the European faculty being connected with the 3 groups via zoom.  The full report on the school can be read here

The programme for the 2022 Maghreb School can be read here.

Report on previous Maghreb Schools 

What to expect at the Maghreb School

  • Delivery in French
  • Interactive lectures given by the teaching faculty
  • Case presentations by each student
  • Presentation of student research projects
  • Critical evaluation of selected publications
  • Analysis of an e-learning case from the Maghreb
  • Small group teaching: Student and teachers clinical case and research project presentations; presentation of student research projects; teachers’ clinical case.

Participants who apply for membership for the year immediately following their attendance at a school will be entitled to one year's free ESPE membership. Please note that this does not apply to existing ESPE members.


ESPE Maghreb School 2019

Delegates of the 2019 Maghreb School are able to access course resources and information with the login information provided as part of the registration.   



If you are a delegate and do not have the log in information please contact the ESPE Office.