Student Evaluation Form

This evaluation form is intended for use by all students who have recently completed an ESPE affiliated School. The evaluation form intends to gather important information regarding your experience that will help in assessing its outcomes and impact and help improve future Schools. Please give your honest evaluation of the course.



ESPE post-event Student Evaluation form

Section 1: Details of School/Course/Event

Building, City, Country

Month, Year

Section 2: Student information



To claim, contact the ESPE Office. Please note this does not apply to existing members

Section 3: General feedback form

e.g More or less lecture/faculty cases/student cases/research presentations/small group discussions

Please detail

Please consider the format of the school, the information dissemination, the venue, the level of interest, networking opportunities, potential for future collaborations, the highlights of the School, what you gained from this School over other training you’ve received and what you will take away from the school into your everyday practice.


Please be reminded that if you are not currently an ESPE member and you have recently successfully completed a School you are entitled to 1 year free ESPE membership which will be applied upon supplying a valid completion certificate when applying for membership. If you have not already obtained your completion certificate, please complete the below form and contact the School coordinator directly.