Winter School

ESPE Winter School aims to support paediatricians who have entirely or partially completed their basic paediatric training and who are now either established in, or intending to develop a deep and continuing interest in paediatric endocrinology and diabetes.


In light of the sudden arrival of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) in Northern Italy with significant numbers of people affected this week and the risks of travelling by plane and through airports around Europe at the moment, even though Moldova has no reported cases yet, we have had to take the regrettable decision to cancel this year’s Winter School.
It is unclear at this stage, if we will be able to reorganise Winter School for later this year but ESPE will look into this possibility.

Meantime, we pay tribute to Rodica Eremciuc for the extensive preparations she has been making and hope that at some time point in the future, it will be possible to hold Winter School in Moldova.

John Gregory

Winter School Coordinator


The 2020 Winter School will not be taking place in 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The course will be held over 5 days (6 nights) and include interactive lectures by experienced ESPE members, with the aim of covering all main topics in paediatric endocrinology. These lectures will be supplemented by small group sessions discussing teachers’ cases; and case presentations by the students.

The course also includes an introduction into clinical research with presentation by students of research proposals and projects in small groups, and presentation of selected work to the plenum.

Accommodation and meals will be provided free of charge, and travel grants will cover train or bus transport or an economy class air ticket between the participant’s home and Chisinau airport. Priority will be given to applicants with evidence of a commitment to Paediatric Endocrinology through participation in clinical services or attendance at relevant meetings from Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, The Balkans, Turkey, Ukraine and Russia, though individuals from across Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East are welcome to apply.




 The Winter School Steering Committee:

  • John Gregory, Cardiff, UK (coordinator)
  • Rodica Eremciuc, Chisinau, Moldova (host coordinator)
  • Serap Turan, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Justin Davies, Southampton, UK
  • Rita Bertalan, Hungary.

What to expect

  • Interactive lectures given by the teaching faculty
  • Case presentations by each student
  • Presentation of student research projects
  • Critical evaluation of selected publications
  • Small group teaching: Student and teachers clinical case and research project presentations

Participants who apply for membership for the year immediately following their attendance at a school are entitled to one year's free ESPE membership. Please note that this does not apply to existing ESPE members.


Winter School 2020

Delegates of the 2020 Winter School are able to access course resources information with the login information provided as part of the registration.   


If you are a delegate and do not have the log in information please contact the ESPE Office.