ESPE 2024 Speaker Information Area

Meeting Format & Consent

The ESPE 2024 team have designed a registration platform that will give participants the opportunity to attend in person or via ESPE On-Demand after the event. These are outlined below.

  1. In-person – attend ESPE 2024 ONLY
    Delegates will attend in-person in Liverpool – with the ability to ask questions from the audience as usual.
  2. In-person and access to ESPE 2024 On-Demand
    Delegates will both be able to attend ESPE in-person in Liverpool and view all content available to them via ESPE On-Demand as soon as available after each session.
  3. On-Demand
    Delegates will be able to ONLY view the content online on ESPE On-Demand as soon as it is available after each session.

NB: Your presentation will be recorded and placed online via ESPE On-Demand platform after the meeting. Your agreement to speak at the Meeting assumes acceptance of this video-recording requirement. Please ensure you sign your consent form and return to by Friday 6th September 2024.

Download consent form

Presentation Guidelines & Template

You should prepare your presentation in PowerPoint in 16:9 ratio.

A title slide and conflict of interest slide must be completed and inserted into your presentation slide as Slide 1 & Slide 2. You are able to then use this as a template for your presentation if you would like, but this is optional.

Download template PowerPoint slides

IMPORTANT: Please note that ESPE Meeting policies do not allow displaying pharmaceutical company logos on presentation slides.

  • Avoid too much content on one slide
  • Please rehearse your presentation to ensure that it is fluid and fits within the allocated time
  • On the day of your presentation, please locate your session room in due time.
  • For Free Communication speakers, please be at your session at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the Rapid Free Communication session that precedes your Free Communication session and introduce yourself to the Moderators
  • Speakers are not permitted to take their PowerPoint presentations directly to the technical assistant in the session rooms – all presentation slides must be uploaded in advance (details below)
  • Speakers are not permitted to use their own laptops

Please note: your presentation will be recorded and placed online via ESPE On-Demand platform after the Meeting.

Uploading your files onsite:

  • You are requested to upload your presentation slides from a USB or memory stick when you arrive at the venue by visiting the Speaker Preview Room.
  • We advise all presenter to deliver and view/check their PowerPoint presentations at the Speaker Preview Room, at least 3 hours prior to the start of their session, or the day before if it is an early session.