These awards recognise outstanding scientific work by practising paediatricians who are ESPE members. The evaluation is based on the overall quality of a candidate's CV in this regard and, in particular, on three original publications submitted by each applicant.

Nominations are closed.

2023 Award Winners: Alexander S. Busch, Recklinghausen, Germany & Eloise Giabicani, France

How to nominate

  • Candidates must be sponsored by two members of ESPE.
  • Sponsoring members must prepare for their applicant a nomination proposal, which highlights the research contributions made by the submitted papers and the essential role of the applicant in the research projects.
  • The following information must be submitted:
    • Three original papers, published or accepted for publication, in international peer-reviewed journals. The candidates should be the first author of at least one of the papers.
    • An up-to-date full CV and a list of publications, including H-index.
    • Two sponsor letters from ESPE members
    • Complete Application form
    • All nominations must be submitted electronically to


  • Two awards are made each year.
  • Candidates should be still in training, or have no more than five years' experience in a Senior (PI) role.
  • Candidates may only be considered for one award each year. If a candidate is nominated for more than one award, they will be asked to choose which award they wish to be considered for.


  • Applicants must be practising paediatricians who are ESPE members.
  • Candidates should be still in training, or have no more than five years' experience in a Senior (PI) role.
  • Current members of ESPE Council and the Andrea Prader Committee are ineligible for this award.


  • A minimum of three nominations is required for this award. If fewer than three nominations are received the Andrea Prader Committee may reopen nominations for the award.
  • All nominations will be acknowledged by email.
  • The prize is awarded through final selection by the Andrea Prader Committee.
  • The decisions taken by the Andrea Prader Committee are based on the overall quality of the candidate's CV, the sponsor letters, and the three original publications submitted by each applicant.
  • The successful applicants will be notified by the Secretary General by the end of June. Candidates who have not received notification by this date should assume that they have not been successful.


Previous Winners

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2022 Dr Dulanjalee Kariyawasam, Paris, France

2022 Dr Angela Lucas-Herald, Glasgow, UK

2021 Dr Sasha Howard, London, UK

2021 Dr Willem Staels, Brussels, Belgium

2020 Dr Tero Varimo, Vantaa, Finland

2020 Dr Nicolas Nicolaides, Athens, Greece

2019 Dr Sabine Hannema, Leiden, The Netherlands

2018 Assistant Professor Laetitia Martinerie, Paris, France

2018 Dr Valentina Chiavaroli, Chieti, Italy

2017 Dr Philippe Lysy, Brussels, Belgium

2017 Dr Antti Saari, Toivala, Finland 

2016 Dr Loredana Marcovecchio, Chieti, Italy

2016 Dr Tanja Kuiri-Hänninen, Kuopio, Finland

2015 Dr Tulay Guran, Istanbul, Turkey

2015 Dr Andrew Dauber, Cincinnati, USA

2014 Dr Pauliina Utriainen, Helsinki, Finland

2014 Dr Joerg Oliver Semler, Cologne, Germany

2013 Dr Jacques Beltrand, Paris, France

2013 Dr Cosimo Giannini, Chieti, Italy

2012 Dr Leandro Soriano-Guillén, Madrid, Spain

2012 Dr Antonis Voutetakis, Athens, Greece

2011 Dr Nils Krone, Birmingham, UK

2011 Dr Helen Storr, London, UK

2010 Dr Martine Cools, Ghent, Belgium

2009 Dr Felix Riepe, Keil, Germany

2008 Dr Luisa de Sanctis, Turin, Italy

2007 Dr Antje Korner, Leipzig, Germany

2006 Dr Mirelle Castanet, Paris, France

2005 Dr Christa Flück, Berne, Switzerland

2004 Dr Taneli Raivio, Helsinki, Finland

2003 Dr Jose Moreno, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2003 Dr Delphine Jaquet, Paris, France

2002 Dr John Achermann London, UK

2002 Dr Annemie Boehmer, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2001 Dr Ken Ong, Cambridge, UK

2000 Dr J Dötsch, Erlangen, Germany

1999 Dr Heiko Krude, Berlin, Germany

1999 Dr Evelein F Gevers, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

1998 Dr Martin Wabitsch

1997 Dr Päivi J Miettinen, Helsinki, Finland

1997 Dr Gerhard Binder, Tübingen, Germany

1996 - not awarded -

1995 Dr Olaf Hiort, Lübeck, Germany

1994 Dr Peter Clayton, Manchester, UK

1993 Dr Jesus Argente, Madrid, Spain