Henning Andersen Prizes

The Henning Andersen Prizes are two awards for the most highly rated clinical and experimental abstracts submitted to the Society's Annual Meeting.

The Henning Andersen Prizes are made possible by the generous support of Novo Nordisk.

2018 Dr Alessandra Mancini, London, UK

2018 Dr Daniel Rodriguez Gutierrez, Fribourg, Switzerland

2017 Dr Fabrizio Barbetti, Rome, Italy

2017 Dr David Lu, Singapore, Singapore

2016 Dr Klemens Raile, Berlin, Germany

2016 Dr Aurore Carré, Paris, France

2015 Dr Jesús Argente (clinical research), Madrid, Spain

2015 Dr Sasha Howard (basic research), London, UK

2014 Dr Casper Hagen (clinical research), Copenhagen, Denmark

2014 Dr Ana Paula Abreu (basic research), São Paulo, Brazil

2013 Dr Nicolas de Roux (basic research), Paris, France

2013 Dr Jesüs Argente (clinical research), Madrid, Spain

2012 Dr Johnny Deladoey (clinical research), Montreal, Canada

2012 Dr Dov Tiosano (basic research), Haifa, Israel

2011 Dr Julia Galhardo (clinical research), Bristol, UK

2011 Dr Claire Hughes (basic research), London, UK

2010 Dr Michael P Whyte (clinical research), St Louis, USA

2010 Dr Carles Gaston-Massuet (basic research), London, UK

2009 Dr Maria Lundgren (clinical research), Uppsala, Sweden

2009 Dr Chloe Pass (basic research), Midlothian, UK

2008 Dr Remco Visser (basic research), Leiden, Netherlands

2008 Dr Klaus Mohnike (clinical research), Magdeburg, Germany

2007 Dr Evangelia Charmandari (experimental), Leeds, UK

2007 Dr Birgit Kohler (clinical), Berlin, Germany

2006 Dr Ken McElreavey (experimental) Paris, France

2006 Dr Irene Netchine (clinical) Paris, France

2005 Dr Daniele Di Marzio (clinical), Chieti, Italy

2005 Dr Christina E Hoei–Hansen (experimental), Copenhagen, Denmark

2004 Dr Julia Boiko (clinical) Minsk Belarus

2004 Dr Delphine Jaquet (clinical) Paris, France

2004 Dr Christian Roth (experimental), Beaverton, USA

2003 Dr Timo Otonkoski (clinical), Helsinki, Finland.

2003 Dr Jose C Moreno, (experimental), Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2002 Dr Sabine Heger (experimental), Leipzig, Germany

2002 Dr Angela Hübner (clinical), Dresden, Germany

2001 Dr Rebecca Perry (clinical), Montreal, Canada

2001 Dr Anne-Marie Pulichino (experimental), Montreal, Canada

2000 Dr Julian Hamilton Shield (clinical), Bristol, UK

2000 Dr A Vottero (Experimental), Israel

1999 Dr Lourdes Ibanez (clinical), Barcelona, Spain

1999 Dr Karen Cosgrove (experimental), Sheffield, UK

1998 Dr Mehul Dattani (experimental), London, UK

1998 Dr Hanna Huopio (clinical), Kuopio, Finland

1997 Dr Tamar Amit (experimental), Haifa, Israel

1997 Dr James Freeth (clinical), Manchester, UK

1996 Dr Ze'ev Hochberg (clinical), Haifa, Israel

1996 Dr Jean-Marc Lobaccaro (experimental), Aubiere, France

1995 Dr Jean-Marc Lobaccaro (experimental), Montpellier, France

1995 Dr Angela Weber (clinical) London, UK

1994 Dr Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Liège, Belgium

1993 Dr Walter Miller, San Francisco, USA

1992 Dr Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Liège, Belgium

1991 Dr Gérald Theintz, Lausanne, Switzerland

1990 Dr Jesus Argente, Madrid, Spain

1989 Dr Raimo Juhani, Voutilainen, Kuopio, Finland

1988 Dr Gila Maor, Haifa, Israel

1987 Dr Sylvie Hardouin, Paris, France

1986 Dr Marc Maes, Brussels,Belgium