The 55th Annual ESPE Meeting in Paris was another huge success! Take a look back at some of the Plenary Lectures and Images from the three day Meeting.

Plenary lectures

Plenary 1:
Environmental chemicals, brain development and human intelligence
Barbara Demeneix (Paris, France)
Plenary 2:
Recent advances on the genetics of adrenal hyperfunction and tumors
Jerome Bertherat (Paris, France)
Plenary 3:
Calcium-sensing receptor signalling in physiology and diseases
Rajesh Thakker (Oxford, UK)
Plenary 4:
Genomic imprinting and evolution
Robert Feil (Montpellier, France)
Plenary 5:
Genetics of common and uncommon obesity
Philippe Froguel (London, UK)
Plenary 6:
Cell therapy in Type 1 diabetes
Bart Roep (Leiden, The Netherlands)


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