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ESPE Connect Online 2020

06 - 14 November


A series of talks and sessions to support continued professional development.

We are excited to announce this autumn ESPE will be delivering a series of online talks to support paediatric endocrinologists' continued education during the COVID crisis. ESPE Connect Online 2020 will run across 9 days this November, and will include a series of talks and sessions designed specifically to bridge the gap left by the absence of a physical meeting in 2020. 

A dedicated task force has been drawing up a programme of informative sessions which, due to the exceptional circumstances this year, will be freely available online. These will be different from our full programme in Liverpool in May 2021 and have been developed to provide you with new scientific and clinically relevant information and an additional opportunity to engage with ESPE and the paediatric endocrine community this year. Sessions will address different specialist and general topics and interactive Q&A sessions will also be included.