Education and Training Committee Deputy Chair Vacancy

05 Dec 2017

The Education and Training Committee is recruiting a Deputy Chair, to support ETC Chair (currently Rasa Verkauskiene) in achieving the goals of the committee. The successful applicant will be instrumental in promoting the training and education of young paediatric endocrinologists throughout the world.

The ESPE Education and Training Committee remit:

  1. To develop and maintain ESPE’s Education and Training Strategy, in line with ESPE’s overall strategy.
  2. To develop detailed plans for current and proposed activities, including activity remits, budgets, programmes and location.
  3. To monitor progress on all activities and report back to the Council.
  4. To monitor progress and contribute to the evolution and development of all ESPE Education and Training activities.
  5. To oversee and contribute to the evolution and development of other ESPE activities as appropriate, in line with the Education and Training strategy.
  6. To provide a full report to Council after each activity.

As an executive member of the Education and Training Committee, the successful candidate will be expected to:

  • Attend quarterly meetings (one face-to-face and three by teleconference each year)
  • Contribute to ongoing discussions via email throughout the year within the remit of the Education and Training Committee

The Deputy Chair will hold office for an initial term of three years with the possibility to continue for a second term of three years.

To apply for this post, please send an email outlining your suitability for the vacancy, together with your CV, to the ESPE Team at: by 1 March 2018.

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Issue 42 - Winter 2018

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