ESPE 2018 Award Winners

30 Oct 2018

During the 57th Annual ESPE Meeting held in Athens from 27-29 September 2018, ESPE presented its awards for 2018.

The recipients were as follows:


Andrea Prader Prize

In recognition of excellence in leadership, a lifetime achievement in teaching and research, and an outstanding overall contribution to the field of paediatric endocrinology

Yves Le Bouc, Paris, France


Research Award

In recognition of research achievements of outstanding quality in the fields of basic endocrine science or of clinical paediatric endocrinology.

Christa Flück, Bern, Switzerland


International Award

In recognition of outstanding scientific contributions by a paediatric endocrinologist practising in a country outside Europe and the Mediterranean basin. 

Constantine Stratakis, Bethesda, USA


International Outstanding Clinician Award

In recognition of an outstanding contribution and lifetime commitment to the practice of clinical paediatric endocrinology in a country outside Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

Palany Raghupathy, Bangalore, India


Outstanding Clinician Award

In recognition of outstanding clinical contribution to the practice of Clinical Paediatric Endocrinology.

John Gregory, Cardiff, UK


Young Investigator Awards

In recognition of outstanding scientific work by practising paediatricians who are ESPE members. The evaluation is based on the overall quality of a candidate's CV in this regard and, in particular, on three original publications submitted by each applicant.

Laetitia Martinerie, Paris, France

Valentina Chiavaroli, Chieti, Italy


Henning Andersen Prizes

Two awards for the most highly rated clinical and experimental abstracts submitted to the Society's Annual Meeting.

Alessandra Mancini, London, UK

Daniel Rodriguez Gutierrez, Fribourg, Switzerland


You can view photos of the award winners and find details for nominations for the 2019 award in the Awards section of the website.

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