Advance your career with ESPE: Activities Session

16 Aug 2019

At the 2019 ESPE Annual Meeting in Vienna, a special Activities Session will be held from 12.00-13:30 on Thursday 19th September. This session will help you find out how to advance your career, and the field of paediatric endocrinology, directly from those who have benefited from ESPE’s educational activities and grants. Learn about the schools, fellowships, symposia and grants offered by ESPE, and how you can tailor your application to become a successful awardee.

Schedule 12:00-13:30, Hall E2:

e-Learning RLC portal – Annemieke Boot, Groningen , The Netherlands

  • ESPE e-Learning and using the Resource Limited Countries portal - Annemieke Boot 

Science Committee activities – Faisal Ahmed, Glasgow, UK

  • Visiting Professorship announcement and call for applications – Faisal Ahmed 
  • Undergraduate Achievement Award announcement and summary – Faisal Ahmed 
  • Science Symposium 2020 successful application summary – Faisal Ahmed 
  • Other ESPE Grants that can help advance your career - Faisal Ahmed 
  • How the ESPE Research Fellowship helped advance my Career – Agnès Linglart 

Education and Training Activities – Rasa Verkauskiene, Kaunas, Lithuania

  • Your pathway through the ESPE Education & Training Activities – Rasa Verkauskiene 
  • Outcomes of the Winter School delegates – Malcolm Donaldson - 
  • Outcomes of the Clinical Fellowship – Violeta Iotova 

You can find more information about and register for ESPE 2019 here.

Issue 46 - Winter 2019 - Endocrine Disruptors

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Issue 46 - Winter 2019 - Endocrine Disruptors

Issue 46 - Winter 2019 - Endocrine Disruptors

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