Undergraduate Achievement Award

The ESPE Undergraduate Achievement Award aims to attract early-career scientists and clinicians into paediatric endocrinology at the undergraduate level by recognising high achievement in the field.  Given the increasing emphasis on specialisation at an earlier stage in career development, there is a need to increase exposure to paediatric endocrinology during the early formative years.


Overview of the grant

The ESPE Undergraduate Achievement Award is open to all undergraduates, medical and non-medical, and is awarded for scientific achievement in the specific field of paediatric endocrinology. A grant of €750 shall be provided to support the student in attending the next ESPE annual meeting, as well as a complimentary registration fee. A total of 6 grants will be available each year, with a total cost of €4500 per year to ESPE.  In the application form, a supporting statement from an existing ESPE member will be required. The student must submit an abstract as first author to the annual meeting to which they intend on attending, this will be verified by the Science Committee.  The student must attend the annual meeting stated in the application form. The students who are awarded the achievement award will receive a certificate from ESPE.

15 Apr
Application Deadline


A maximum of 6 applicants will be selected by the Science Committee. Based on the following criteria:

  • High achievement as an undergraduate.
  • An undergraduate includes those enrolled as a medical student as well as those undertaking a MSc or a BSc.
  • An abstract must be submitted and accepted for the upcoming ESPE Annual Meeting, to be cross checked with the Bioscientifica Abstracts Manager. Submit your abstract here 
  • A supporting statement from an existing ESPE member in good standing must be submitted with the application.
  • The applicant must attend the Annual Meeting that the abstract was accepted for

How to apply

The following documents should be submitted by the application deadline.

  • Application form
  • Letter from one sponsor who is an ESPE member in good standing
  • Evidence that an abstract has been submitted/accepted to the ESPE Annual Meeting

All applications must be submitted electronically to the ESPE Team.

All applications will be acknowledged by email. Applicants will be notified of outcome in early June 2020.

Post Award information

The form below is for recipients of this grant only. A grant payment form should be submitted within 6 months of being awarded the grant.

Your completed report must be submitted electronically to the ESPE Team.