Unfolding humanitarian crisis in Nagorno-Karabakh (Republic of Artsakh)

ESE and ESPE have been approached by colleagues in the region about the unfolding humanitarian crisis affecting the population of Nagorno-Karabakh (Republic of Artsakh), as a result of blockade of access to the region. Please read our joint statement calling the international community for humanitarian aid and medical supplies and the free passage of patients to specialised treatment centres outside the blocked area.

Members can provide a donation through the Viva Foundation, a NGO of doctors and volunteers that was established with the mission to support with hospital facilities, equipment, medication, materials and instruments.

ESPE for Armenia - UPDATE

The humanitarian crisis in Nagorno Karabakh (also known as Artzakh), which we reported previously in ESPE News, has turned into a refugee crisis with more than 100,000 inhabitants fleeing from the enclave to Armenia.

Prof. Elena Aghajanova, President of the Armenian Association of Pediatric Endocrinologists reports: Children previously registered at the local Endocrine clinic in Artsakh have arrived in Armenia and have now been registered as patients at the Endocrinology Clinic of “Muratcan" University hospital. Our hospital is the sole reference center for pediatric endocrinology with access to life saving endocrine treatment facilities. However, in the current healthcare system in Armenia, not all investigations and medications are covered by the state, and the needs of refugees, many with little or no personal possessions, have put significant strain on limited resources. Dr. Shoher Grigoryan, former pediatric endocrinologist at Stepanakert Hospital in Artzakh, herself a refugee with her own family, is now providing endocrine care at Muratcan. She confirms that the 10-month blockade of Artsakh by Azerbaijan has left children without life saving medicines for months. Almost all refugee children have experienced decompensation and stress, and almost all present with signs of malnutrition and severe illness complications, which is heartbreaking.

ESPE and the Armenian Association of Pediatric Endocrinologists have alerted different NGO’s and industry partners to the urgent needs of children with endocrine diseases.

One way you can help is to provide a donation to the VIVA Foundation, “VIVA: Doctors and volunteers for Armenia”, a charitable NGO, with the main mission to provide hospitals and clinics of Armenia with facilities, medications, surgical materials and instruments.

You can donate via the button below to alleviate the plight of suffering children. If you wish to donate specifically for endocrine problems, please add the message: ESPEforArmenia.

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