The Research Fellowship enables talented early-career scientists, investigators, and paediatric endocrinologists to conduct research at leading institutions worldwide. This outstanding programme has helped launch powerful careers in leading-edge clinical research in paediatric endocrinology.

This Fellowship succeeds the Nordisk Grant for the Study of Growth which was established in 1978 on the initiative of the late Professor Andrea Prader, the late Professor Henning Andersen and the late Henry Brennum (Nordisk Gentofte A/S).

The Research Fellowship is supported by an unrestricted grant from Novo Nordisk Health Care AG, Switzerland.

Applications will be opened soon! 

Grant Information

  • One Research Fellowship grants of €125,000 will be available in 2023 for application for up to two years of research training in a centre of excellence, for those who are intending to pursue a career in
    paediatric endocrinology. This will also cover the living expenses of the fellow.

  • An additional €15,000 is available for the two year period, in addition to the €125,000, for consumable costs (travel and laboratory expenses). These costs need to be outlined in the application and original receipts will be required for payment of these costs. Please note the host/home institutions that supervise the fellow are not eligible to claim overhead costs.

  • Travel and accommodation should be arranged by the fellow. In addition, travel costs are to be reasonable and kept to a minimum.
ESPE Research Fellowship winner 2015 - Juraj Stanik
ESPE Research Fellowship Winner 2015 - Valentina Chiavaroli


Specific Requirements

  • Applicants should be at pre-doctorate level and demonstrate an interest in, and potential for, performing high quality research in any field of paediatric endocrinology. However, please note that projects related to diabetes and obesity will not be considered in this call. 
  • Applicants should be based in Europe at the time of application
  • Applicants should be an ESPE member or should have applied for ESPE membership at the time of application. Apply here.
  • The applicant will be proposed by their current Supervisor/Head of Department, who must be an ESPE member
  • Current members of the Science Committee and ESPE Council are not eligible to apply for this grant 
  • Applications from candidates who are based in the same research group as any member of the Science Committee cannot be considered for the grant, i.e. members of the Science Committee cannot be involved in the development, execution or outcomes of the project, including any publications resulting from the grant to upcoming projects and activities, nor in the decision on the grant allocation.
  • The fellowship can be held in the applicant's current department or could be held at another institution with the relevant expertise in paediatric endocrinology
  • If the fellowship is held in the applicant's current department, a period of time spent in another institution to, for instance, learn another technique would be viewed favourably but not mandatory
  • Please include a contingency plan for travel disruption due to the pandemic, whereby the research could be conducted at your home institute or delayed appropriately
  • A grant must be activated within 6 months of receipt
  • No Principal Investigator can hold two Research Fellowship grants at any one time. If they wish to apply again they must have completely finished their previous project. Principal Investigators can however be supporting investigators in new applications whilst they hold a grant as PI. Applications will be selected on merit as per usual.
  • ESPE is not currently accepting grant applications from Russia or Belarus

Selection Criteria

The applications will be scored based on the following criteria: 

  • Applicant CV 
  • Host CV and institution 
  • Focus and quality of application
  • Hypothesis
  • Methodology and experimental design
  • Potential for publication and further research
  • Timing and feasibility
  • Budget justification
  • Benefit for applicant and home institution
  • Relevance of the topic

If you have any queries regarding the scientific content of your application please contact the Research Fellowship Convenor Professor Svetlana Lajic ([email protected]) for discussion. Any queries regarding documentation administration, both in the application stage and in the grant claim stage, should be directed toward the ESPE Office ([email protected]). 


All applications will be subjected to a peer review by at least three members of the Science Committee Expert Panel, the Research Fellowship Convenor and one external expert in the field using the reviewer evaluation form.

How to Apply

The following documents should be submitted by the application deadline:

  • Application form
  • Work Plan (Gantt Chart)
  • Short CV of applicant (1 page max) - some research experience required
  • List of publications that have been published as a full paper in a peer reviewed journal - please highlight the best five publications and include their impact factor
  • Invitation from host institution
  • Two page CV of host supervisor 
  • Declaration from home institute that the applicant will be allowed to perform the proposed research
  • A detailed expenditure budget should be included in the application form.

Applications must be submitted electronically to the ESPE Team.

For more information about how to write a good grant application, please click here*.

Post Award Information and form submission guidelines

  • The grant is paid in quarterly instalments (€31,250  per instalment = €125,000  fellowship
    amount) to the fellow for salary and living costs, as outlined in the expenditure budget. An
    additional €15,000 is available for consumables which will be paid in two instalments (€7,500 per instalment) to the host/home institution. Please note receipts will be required for all expenses.
  •  Expenditure for the Fellowship should reflect the detailed budget in the application.
  • Any funds left unused upon completion of the fellowship are to be returned to the ESPE bank by the Fellow within 3 months of completion of the project. Please contact the ESPE Team for more information about how to return the remaining funds.
  • The initial grant payment form must indicate the start date of the project, and the first payment will be scheduled for 1 month before this date.

The forms below are for recipients of this grant only.  

  • Grant Payment Form - Should be submitted within 6 months of being awarded the grant before beginning the project and then each time a payment is being requested (every 6 months). (4 required in total)
  • Grant Accountability Report - Should be submitted after the first 6 months (then subsequently every 6 months until completion). (4 required in total)
  • Grant Report Form- A grant report should be submitted 12 months into the fellowship and within 3 months of completion of the fellowship. (2 required in total)

Completed forms must be submitted electronically to the ESPE Team.

*Reference: Grant application checklist: eight checks to do before you submit. (January 2022). Insight Blog (Medical Research Council, MRC).
Grant application checklist: eight checks to do before you submit – UKRI 

Previous Winners

2022 Mr Terence Garner, Manchester, UK and Dr Jonna ME Männistö, Kuopio, Finland

2020 Dr Tim Aeppli, Zurich, Switzerland

2019 Dr Patrick Hanna, Paris, France

2018 Dr Emily Cottrell, London, UK

2017 Dr Lloyd Tack, Ghent, Belgium 

2016 Dr Athanasia Stoupa, Paris, France

2015 Dr Valentina Chiavaroli, Pescara, Italy

2015 Dr Juraj Stanik, Bratislava, Slovakia

2014 Dr Ondrej Soucek, Prague, Czech Republic

2014 Dr Klara Rosenkova, Prague, Czech Republic

2014 Dr Isabel Wagner, Leipzig, Germany

2013 Dr Silvia Parajes, Birmingham UK

2013 Dr Salah Azzi, Paris, France

2013 Dr Jana Malikova, Prague, Czech Republic

2013 Dr Anne Jørgensen, Copenhagen, Denmark

2012 Dr Chiara De Leonibus, Chieti, Italy

2011 Dr Núria Camats-Tarruella, Barcelona, Spain

2011 Dr Cosimo Giannini, Chieti, Italy

2010 Dr Yvonne van der Zwan, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2010 Dr Ola Nilsson, Stockholm, Sweden

2010 Dr Christian M Moya, Madrid, Spain

2009 Dr Pamela Schrumpf, Berlin, Germany

2009 Dr Lysy Philippe, Brussels, Belgium

2008 Dr Jan Idkowiak, Dresden, Germany

2008 Dr Claire Hughes, Dublin, Ireland

2007 Dr Stephen O'Riordan, Dublin, Ireland

2007 Dr Delphine Fradin, Paris, France

2006 Dr Kyriaki-Sandy Alatzoglou, London, UK

2006 Dr Diane Rottembourg, Paris, France

2005 Dr Maria Loredana Marcovecchio, Chieti, Italy

2005 Dr Dominika Janus, Krakow, Poland

2004 Dr Kathleen de Waele, Ghent, Belgium

2004 Dr Catarina Limbert Zinterl, Lisbon, Portugal

2003 Dr Martine Cools, Antwerp, Belgium

2003 Dr Agnès Linglart, Paris, France

2002 Dr Svetlana Lajic, Stockholm, Sweden

2002 Dr Daniel Iliev, Sofia, Bulgaria

2001 Dr Outimaija Makitie, Hyks, Finland

2001 Dr Birgit Köhler, Marburg, Germany

2000 Dr Joachim Woelfle, Bonn, Germany

2000 Dr Jarmo Jääskeläinen, Kuopio, Finland

1999 Dr Sabine Heger, Leipzig, Germany

1999 Dr Beate Doecker, Datteln, Germany

1998 Dr Thomas Siebler, Leipzig, Germany

1998 Dr Nathalie Alos, Narbonne, France

1997 Dr Sylvie Tenoutasse, Brussels, Belgium

1997 Dr José Carlos Moreno, Madrid, Spain

1996 Dr Silvia González-Parra, Madrid, Spain

1996 Dr Ewa Lichtarowicz-Krynska, London, UK

1995 Dr Nicholas Bishop, Cambridge, UK

1995 Dr Alessandra Vottero, Parma, Italy

1994 Dr Lars Sävendahl, Stockholm, Sweden

1994 Dr Francisco Miralles, Barcelona, Spain

1994 Dr Barbara Funk, Giessen, Germany

1993 Dr Päivi J Miettinen, Helsinki, Finland

1993 Dr Catherine Le Stunff, Paris, France

1992 Dr Martin Wabitsch, Ulm, Germany

1992 Dr Luis Perez-Jurado, Madrid, Spain

1992 Dr Leo Dunkel, Kuopio, Finland

1992 Dr Claudine Heinrichs, Brussels, Belgium

1992 Dr Christina Kanaka-Gantenbein,Athens, Greece

1991 Dr Paivi J Tapanainen, Oulu, Finland