The Outstanding Clinician Award was established in 2001 and recognises outstanding clinical contribution to the practice of Clinical Paediatric Endocrinology.

Nominations are closed.

2023 Award Winner: Nataliya Zelinska, Zhytomyr, Ukraine

How to nominate

  • Candidates must be nominated in writing by an ESPE member.
  • To nominate, please send a letter letter of endorsement, outlining the suitability of the candidate for the award to


  • Self nominations are not accepted.
  • Once nominated, candidates will be asked to submit their full CV, including contributions to ESPE.
  • The Outstanding Clinician Award is conferred during a presentation ceremony at the ESPE annual meeting with a brief response from the winner; the award does not include a lecture within the awards session.
  • All nominations must be submitted electronically to
  • Candidates may only be considered for one award each year. If a candidate is nominated for more than one award, they will be asked to choose which award they wish to be considered for.


  • The award is open to ESPE members only.
  • There is no age limitation.
  • Current members of the ESPE Council and the Andrea Prader Committee are ineligible for this award.


  • A minimum of three nominations is required for this award. If fewer than three nominations are received the Andrea Prader Committee may reopen nominations for the award.
  • All nominations will be acknowledged by email.
  • The decision will be made by the Andrea Prader Committee and is based on the candidates’ contribution to clinical paediatric endocrinology and involvement in ESPE activities.
  • The successful candidate will be notified by the Secretary General by the end of June. Candidates who have not received notification by this date should assume that they have not been successful.

Previous Winners

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2022 Professor Abdullah Bereket, Istanbul, Turkey

2021 Professor Orit Pinhas-Hamiel, Israel

2020 Professor Gary Butler, London, UK

2019 Professor Jan Lebl, Prague, Czech Republic

2018 Professor John Gregory, Cardiff, UK

2017 Dr Feyza Darendeliler, Istanbul, Turkey

2016 Dr Hilary Hoey, Leixlip, Ireland

2015 Dr Malcolm Donaldson, Glasgow, UK

2014 Dr Tomasz Romer, Warsaw, Poland

2013 Dr Sergio Bernasconi, Parma, Italy

2012 Dr Chris Kelnar, Edinburgh, UK

2011 Dr Isis Ghali, Cairo, Egypt

2010 Dr Herwig Frisch, Vienna, Austria

2009 Dr Giusseppe Chiumello, Milan, Italy

2008 Dr Ferenc Péter, Budapest, Hungary

2007 Dr Catherine Dacou-Voutetakis, Athens, Greece

2006 Dr Ruth Illig, Zurich, Switzerland

2005 Dr Jean-Claude Job, Paris, France

2004 Dr Emanuele Cacciari, Bologna, Italy

2003 Dr Otto Westphal, Göteborg, Sweden

2002 Dr Jaakko Perheentupa, Helsinki, Finland

2001 Dr Dagfinn Aarskog, Bergen, Norway