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Paediatric Endocrinology in the News

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Inactivity linked to metabolic syndrome, independently of BMI

Diabetes risk not increased in overweight women with PCOS features

Early radiotherapy linked to better response after thyroidectomy

All-cause and cardiovascular mortality linked to vitamin D levels

Night levels of cortisol in Cushing's patients are highly variable

New guideline for treatment of aggressive pituitary tumours

Oxytocin has crucial role in brain signal processing

Bariatric surgery most effective therapy for obesity

Program reduces stress in adolescents affected by war

Early age menopause and periods associated with higher cardiovascular disease risk

Carotid sinus stimulation may help treat diabetes

Potential target to treat obesity and type 2 diabetes found in fat cells

Vitamin D and calcium do not prevent hip fractures

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes associated with negative outcomes in pregnancy

Corticotropin-releasing hormone mediates stress-induced illness

Androgen deficiency linked to sex hormone-binding globulin

Sun’s blue light wavelengths key in weight loss

Levothyroxine may improve fertility in Hashimoto’s patients

Dieting can help type 2 diabetes patients avoid insulin

Researchers identify enzyme that regulates the physiology of white and brown fat

Ibuprofen may be a factor in male infertility

Black pepper compound may have anti-obesity properties

Higher risk of hormone-related cancers in female night shift workers

Hot flashes in hormone-treated cancer patients can be managed

No increased risk of bone fracture in Turner syndrome

Paracetamol during pregnancy may damage future fertility of female offspring

Premenopausal women have poorer outcomes after adenomectomy

Researchers discover mechanism that converts white fat to brown

Crystal structure of glucagon receptor key for type 2 diabetes drug development

Diabetic foot wounds may heal quicker using sucrose octasulfate dressing

Blood sugar levels in diabetic mice restored with gene therapy

New appropriate use criteria for somatostatin receptor PET imaging in NETs

New obesity drug increases cell metabolism to burn fat

Contraceptive shot may increase risk of HIV

Cortisol levels can be lowered by the scent of your partner

Scientists design new removable device to control type 1 diabetes

Hysterectomy before 35 associated with increased cardiovascular risk

Bone cell dependent mechanism may hold key to weight control

Vitamin D may reduce cardiovascular disease risk in African-Americans

Mild thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy associated with lower foetal weight

Early puberty in girls linked to later mental health issues

Male contraceptive gel trials set to begin

Hormone therapy found to reduce weight gain with low cancer risk

Type 2 diabetes therapy may prevent memory loss

Vitamin D supplements do not reduce bone fractures in the elderly

New treatment pathway for hyperaldosteronism identified

New drug target for appetite modulation identified

Comments invited on EU guidance for identifying endocrine disruptors

Endokinin levels linked to morning sickness and healthy pregnancy

Xenoestrogens can impair heart function

Elevated cortisol levels in pregnant women with PTSD

Over half of American children will be obese when they get to their 30s

Stressed newborns feel more pain, but they don’t show it

Link found between neonatal vitamin D and autism

Stress during pregnancy can affect child growth

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